For Mine Farm Buy LLC this was our original goal but we knew with our expertise in sourcing we could impact immediately in that sector. Offering a white market to buyers to transact, gear up, and provide added value through repetitive enhanced experience. Our foresight early on we knew industrial miners needed a better home. We knew with all miners already had one available. This is our solution. A collaborative solution with one of our peers, to provide a lean operation pool with two goals: drive revenue and decentralize pooled mining.     

     The concept is sound. You can’t argue math, you can’t argue code. Still you could try but likely our rebuttal will close the gap. It’s simple though. There’s a single node, our master pool. Closer to home built on new equipment, with a fast connection, fair direct payouts every blockfind, and organized to increase revenue to our users. My hope is you read the whitepaper and see that Laurentia Pool is optimized to deliver results, help miners bitcoin as intended, and limit any need for surplus trust.      

     We offer segwit bech 32 support, full asic boost, low latency in North America. It’s doesn’t mean you have to be in North American to mine here. It’s just designed to give advantage to those closest. All miners around the world can utilize our structure, efficiencies, collaborate, or simply just hash. We are private by design. By means of payout, not exclusivity. We do have limited space but that is for reason of efficiency, reason of decentralization, and a predictable blockfind cadence.      

     We want you to win. We want to see a group of peers, yours, ours, to achieve success. We have minimum targets per diff adjustment that we want to achieve. All designed for the user, for miners at scale. To give them a reason to point their work closer to home. We have a minimum target hashrate per user, on a sliding scale. Meaning larger miners can benefit the group by lowering this minimum. Why does that matter? Revenue. You’re likely to have to one of the largest payouts per block and still everyone gets fair reward for every single hash. In a pool that is designed for post halving and revenue generation to the user, there’s simply no better pooled alternative.      

     I’ll drone on in other posts about what sets Laurentia Pool apart. For now, we’ll just invite you to poke around while we gather commitments. Read the whitepaper, ask us questions, and apply. As we won’t open the pool until we hit our minimum targets, but with limited space and halving coming there’s a sense of urgency. We want you to be prepared. To be ready, better and well positioned, moving full stream ahead.

     This is our humble invitation to bring hash home.

-Ryan Ellis