Laurentia Pool Terms of Use/Service.

Laurentia Pool is production ready for live network mining.

Use of Laurentia Pool is at the user(s)s own risk. Laurentia Pool LLC and affiliates do not guarantee and can only estimate/project at any given time the potential of revenue generation of, group or user specific, hashrate.

Laurentia Pool is sha256 password protected, with specific passwords issued by pool operators, unique to each user/payout address. Password may change at any given time, reasonable notice will be given. Responsibility for current and correct contact methods is the user(s), failure to provide and update contact information with pool operators may result in loss of connection until user(s) are able to received their newly issued password(s).

A total of 18 users/payouts are available, and is a limitation due to asic firmware on popular make/models, not Laurentia Pool code. The limit is strictly enforced, and score for inactive user/payouts will be removed to make room for active user/payouts as needed and/or at our full discretion.

Laurentia Pool will open when minimum group target hashrate is met through our “commitment” system and group tracking, please read or inquire to what Laurentia Pool current targets are. Otherwise, consideration and discretion should be taken in evaluation of mining prior to a “full” group being available.

Scoring is SPLNS and is outlined at: Laurentia Pool

Payouts are issued to users with score, to their bitcoin address at blockfind directly from the bitcoin network, and such are non-custodial. Users should take consideration and discretion when selecting a payout address. Each payout is available for spend after one hundred (100) network confirmations and is protocol of the bitcoin network, not Laurentia Pool coding and/or operating procedure(s).

All mining projections given are based on real-time data and should be used only as an estimation, as this data can change at any given moment. Actual reward will be displayed and tracked via “work” page at: Laurentia Pool for all active user/payouts. Due to our password requirement and organizational mining structure, actual reward should be as static as possible, but will vary due to changes in the bitcoin network, ie. mempool size and backlog, and will be reflected on “work” page (previously noted above).

Although pool uptime should be upwards of 99.97%, the use of proper failover should be utilized at all times. If downtime is needed or caused outside of control, scoring will remain intact, and will resume when restored and users reconnect, either automatically or manually to their own operating procedure(s). If catastrophic failure occurs, most recent backup may be used and/or scoring reset for all users.

Our server is based in The United States of America and connections from specific US Government sanctioned countries are prohibited.