Our commitment structure is poised to add more consistency to pooled mining without having to interfere with a user’s desire to mine the bitcoin network as directly as possible. If a potential miner has no qualms with mining through a pool who will do as they wish with the coins that are generated, as they wish with your hash rate on other sha256 networks, then likely this post and our pool are completely redundant. As our pool will only mine the bitcoin network, score every hash submitted, and payout our clients directly from the network as designed.

     The main goal of our pool is to increase revenue. We do not guarantee profits. Our calculations are even considered conservative as we want our clients to have an expectation that is set. One where network changes to the mining environment will still drive optimal results. The piece we can’t deliver is hashrate. As our company and developer do not mine. Mine Farm Buy LLC sees this as a conflict of interest, meaning if we were to mine the investment and potential gain in using our services’ is degraded. Services of product sourcing, specifically asic hardware, and now our mining pool. If we’re to mine that would add to network difficulty and hashrate and would turn to potential loss of revenue to our clients. Which isn’t part of our ethos as a company.

     Getting to the guts of this post we’re looking for our mining peers to collaborate and commit to hashing at our state-of-the-art server, located in Virginia USA. Providing a direct connection to a master mining node on the bitcoin network, with a high bandwidth connection, coded and monitored by a performance focused and highly experienced developer. Our commitment structure is simple:

     A potential user has hashrate they are interested in moving to our pool. You submit a request though our application, or contact us directly. Currently the pool is new and has space to fill, in the future we expect this to be more limited and likely a waiting list will occur for us to manage, but until then there’s space readily available. We have a minimum threshold to drive 5 blockfinds per each difficulty adjustment, but committed users may hash at anytime and will have access to our projections on their revenue. What we ask is a minimum mining duration of a single difficulty adjustment, with no duration cap. Our duration measure will only start when we reach minimum cadence, which is how we refer to 5 blockfinds per diffadj. With our target of 1 blockfind per day we’ll continue to drive more hashrate to our pool and will only be limited by our user cap to ensure our coinbase transaction for payout remains efficient for the environment we’re looking to host. A target of 100 users and up to 150 payout addresses to allow clients to disperse payment to multiple investors in their mining projects/ventures as needed. Which we’re more than capable to help advise on how to achieve individual client needs.

     It’s our hope you see our pool as a means to an end on funneling stimulus to a single region and help our drive and pursuit to a healthier mining ecosystem and a dispersed mining network. Otherwise we invite you to enjoy our robust server and optimizations, along with our low overhead model to drive further revenue into your investments.


Ryan Ellis