User Space(s) Available
Hashrate Need per Remaining Space:
31 PH
Hashrate Committed:
82 PH

Please feel free to use this or any other contact method to submit a commitment.

Laurentia Pool is a competitive pool driven by direct revenue generation to the user. Focused to achieve largest hashrate sustainable, while providing the most optimal mining conditions for the individual user to the network.

There are total of 18 user openings with payouts directly from a network coinbase transaction. 

Laurentia Pool server, code, and networking is optimized for performance globally but will benefit those closest most. As this pool achieves we’ll look to deliver more segregated pools when demand for our model becomes evident, through your support and of course your hashrate. 


Please take time and consideration before committing hashrate to Laurentia Pool. Commitment duration’s start at three (2) difficulty adjustments: 4032 network blocks, approximately 25 days).

Enter above and select below your hashrate commitment.